The Chanto products, designed by Takumi Shimaru, are based on Japanese lacquer, a centuries old craft of woodworking. Specialist woodworkers cut and shape the well-seasoned wood. It is then sanded and polished. Next the gilder applies several Urushi-lacquer coatings. Each coating is left to dry in a dust-free environment and then it is sanded again. The Urushi-lacquer is made from the resin of the lacquer tree Rhus Vernicifera . The natural colour of the barely liquid lacquer is dark brown. Other colours are achieved by the addition of pigments. Chanto products get their deep glow from the intensive process of lacquer working and a finishing touch of seed oil. Each and every Chanto product is made with care and attention and it is therefore a feast for the eyes.

For more infomation: Inoue Butudan