Bosnië & Herzegovina

We discovered Bosnia & Herzegovina thanks to inspirational encounters with friends in Netherlands originally from Bosnia & Herzegovina. We were welcomed by several artisans and inspired designers and we visited the Academy of Fine Arts in Sarajevo.

We were impressed by the resilience of the people and realized gradually that our idea of Bosnia & Herzegovina was just distorted and one-sided. The Dutch relationship with Bosnia & Herzegovina has been thoroughly scrambled by the course of the civil war of the nineties. Almost all news references about Bosnia & Herzegovina are related to the conflict, the dramatic happenings at Srebrenica and the part played by the Netherlands.

Without in any way avoiding the past or the continued respect and attention it merits, we learned that Bosnia & Herzegovina is more than just its recent turbulent and violent history. The country is developing rapidly, there is a great need of innovation and progress and it is an unlimited source of talent and quality. And -though this is true for many countries- Bosnia & Herzegovina welcomes access to foreign markets. Our many warm encounters there have resulted in alliances: Upon being introduced to the Rukotvorine company we discovered a combination of -to us- important qualities: craftsmanship, sustainable manufacturing processes and innovative techniques all combined in a partnership with contemporary designers like Jasna Mujkic. We also met  Tatjana Kovačević-Vidović , a young designer with a passion for ceramics.

Based on Roots will start with the Quiet stool, a Jasna Mujkic design crafted by the talented woodworkers of Rukotvorine and the Myein collection of Tatjana Kovačević, which was inspired by Neolithic excavations.